About Dad

As my tagline for my website says, I’m just a dad doing the best he can,I have owned CNE Grafix for several years doing vinyl graphics, banners, signs etc.  With in the last few months I left my job in the big box retail world,  I now work full time at a small store here in town selling appliances and cell phones.  This gives me more time to focus on my family and my business.

Aside from the job change life is alot different these days since my life changing event I look at things different these days.

With a push from my wife I have decided to start doing computer repair. I have been a computer “nerd” for years, working on them, tearing them apart, web design, etc. I have also found that at times my “getaway” is gaming, so in January I began streaming. This is something I love doing, now don’t get me wrong I am NO pro gamer and will never claim to be, and don’t plan on it becoming a full time income but I sill really enjoy doing it.
With all the above is why I created DAD247x3, above all my hobbies and endeavors I am a father and husband and my family is the single most important thing to me.
So I appreciate my followers, and if you need your computer worked on, vinyl decals, or just someone to make fun of that plays games really bad, You found me. 🙂

Aside from streaming and my online business my hopes is to use my site to tell my story.  Not to get sympathy but to possibly help someone else that may be dealing with some similar issues, and to also help myself along the way.  I have told my wife many times that I would like to write a book, well me being the non focusing one I chose to go this route.

Thank you for stopping by

God Bless