DIY Irish Cream Recipe

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[Photograph: Liam Boylan]

Irish cream is irresistible. It’s creamy and sweet with just the right whiskey kick. The best part about making your own is that you’re in control of the flavor. Feel free to play around a bit with the recipe.

If you want to experiment with flavors, omit the vanilla and almond extracts and honey to start with a simpler base. Then add your own flavors to taste. For a darker, less-sweet version, substitute melted dark chocolate for the cocoa and 1 tablespoon brewed espresso for the espresso powder. To sweeten it up, use 1 tablespoon melted bittersweet chocolate in place of the cocoa. For a thicker and richer drink, add four eggs before blending, then serve the same day for best flavor.


Refrigerate and shake before each use. This will keep for about 2 months.
You can substitute instant espresso or make your own espresso powder by brewing espresso and drying then crushing the grounds.

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